Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vascular Lesions Easily

People and up is seeking treatment for a variety of vascular lesions for both cosmetic but also medical reasons according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. And with the development of laser treatment therapies. People are able to get fixed what was previously untreated. And to do so with greater comfort and greater results than ever before.
Whether they have vascular lesions on their face, or parts of their body that are very noticeable. Or things like vascular lesions like spider veins on their legs that they would like fixed. There is no better treatment currently than the synergy laser treatment.
The synergy laser treatment machine has two different lasers inside the machine. One laser that is designed to affect the top layer of skin. While the second layer is the deepest targeting laser available. Getting into the third layer of skin called the dermis. Almost all the way into the subcutaneous fat.
There are a wide number of lesions and vascular problems that this laser machine can treat. As well as pigmentation problems, whether it was sun damage or congenital such as a birthmark.
Some of the vascular problems that people can expect to get treated with lasers, include rosacea, spider veins, and broken capillaries. As well as cherry angiomas, venous lakes on the lips, which are benign vascular lesions. As well as hema angiomas, which are benign tumors. That are created from newly formed blood vessels.


Other problems that are not vascular in nature. But can be treated with the synergy laser include birthmarks including port wine stains, which are very purple in colour says acne scar treatment Edmonton. But also sun damage including brown spots, moles and age spots.
How the first laser works, it is a pulsed dye laser. And it contains a yellow light. Which can target red blood cells and blood vessels. And deoxygenate them. what this does says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Is it targets blood vessels that are a problem, such as the blood vessel tumor of huma angiomas. When these blood vessels are deoxygenated. The body ends up not sending blood to that area anymore because the blood vessel is damaged. And it fades away over time and multiple treatments.
However, the ND laser targets the dermis of the skin. And causes the pigments that are not supposed to be there to be vibrated so much, that they are destroyed. The body will break up the pigmentation, and it comes out through the skin as a crumbly substance.
Both of these types of lasers in the synergy machine. Can treat more dermatological problems than any other treatment before. And can do so quickly, with greater efficiency. And without leaving a scar.
In order for patients to find out if they can be helped by a synergy laser treatment. They should make an appointment to meet with their dermatologist. The first consultations are absolutely free. And they can find out exactly what laser treatment is best for them. How many treatments they are going to need.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vascular Lesions Easily

There might be a wide variety of reasons why people want to get rid of dermatological issues says acne scar treatment Edmonton. Whether it is for medical reasons, or whether people have cosmetic reasons. The lasers that are available get more possible than it ever has been before. To treat issues quickly, and without scarring.
The synergy laser treatment actually has two lasers within the same machine. That can affect the top layer of skin, as well as the dermis. Which is the third layer of skin, and is the deepest targeting laser currently available.
This means whether the vascular issue that needs to be addressed is on the surface or deeper down. Or even if it is just a pigmentation problem. Patients are going to be able to get their problem addressed very quickly with the synergy laser.
The types of vascular problems that can now be helped with this new type of laser. Includes rosacea, spider veins, broken can pillory’s, and cherry angiomas. Along with more difficult to treat issues such as vascular lesions, venous lakes on the lips, which is a benign vascular lesion. And hema angiomas, which are benign tumors created from blood vessels.
Even discolouration such as port wine stain birthmarks, and discolouration from sun damage including brown spots, age spots and moulds can be treated with the same machine according to acne scar treatment Edmonton.
How the machine works, is by using two different lasers. The first laser is called a pulsed dye laser. Which is a yellow light laser. That can target specific areas. And is designed for effecting the heme in hemoglobin. Which effectively deoxygenate’s blood cells. And it kills off the blood vessel.


When the body is no longer able to send blood to that area, because the blood vessel is damaged. Body eventually lets it fade away, and is no longer visible on the surface of the skin.
The second laser is an ND laser, which targets pigmentation deep down into the third layer of the skin called dermis. Whether that is purple, or dark brown. It uses a beam within the infrared spectrum to go deeper, and vibrate pigmentation that does not belong there.
Since it can differentiate between pigmentation in skin, such as a person’s skin tone. And discolouration caused by damage, or things like birthmarks. Means that this is effective for all skin types. And it will not cause darkening or lightening to anyone’s skintone who uses this treatment.
Since this treatment can affect the blood vessels. Even people who have warts can get treated by this. Because when the laser hits the wart, it will affect the blood supply. And through enough treatments, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that they wart will eventually die. Being cut off from its blood supply.
By asking for a free consultation with their dermatologist. Can help people ensure that they understand if this laser treatment is going to be effective for their issue. And how many treatments they can expect to need in order to minimize their problem.