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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treatment For Discoloured Skin

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treatment For Discoloured Skin

People who have discoloured skin, or other dermatological concerns may be experiencing a lot of lost self-esteem according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. Which is why it is very important that many people understand that for most dermatological conditions, there is a laser treatment available with the synergy laser.

This laser machine has two different types of lasers in it. That can treat a wide variety of skin and dermatological problems.

Whether people have vascular issues such as spider veins, vascular lesions, hema angiomas, Venus lakes on the lips, or cherry angiomas and even rosacea just to name a few. All of these things can be reduced or eliminated in look by the synergy laser treatment.

Hema angiomas are benign tumors of newly formed blood vessels. While the Venice lakes on the lips are benign vascular lesions, caused by sun damage. The hema angiomas looks like a red or purple to more on the surface of the skin. While the Venice lakes on the lips, look like a purple spot close to the lips on a person.

The other laser within this machine can treat another subsection of problems that include discolouration in the dermis layer of the skin. Such as Port wine stain birthmarks, and brown spots caused by sun damage.

The only discolouration treatment that cannot be helped by laser treatment is allows them a. The reason why, is because melasma is made worse by sun exposure. And while it is common in pregnant women, and people who are taking birth control pills.

Exposure to heat and sun makes this worse. And therefore, laser is not an effective treatment to get rid of discolouration due to melasma. There are other treatments available, that do not involve exacerbating the problem.


The great thing about the synergy laser. Is that the laser that affects the dermis layer of the skin, vibrates the pigments out. Thus ensuring that the pigmentation that is there due to birthmarks or damage can be removed. While pigmentation that is there that makes a person’s skin, is not affected.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton says that this means that a wide variety of person, skin colour and skin type can be treated with this laser. Meaning that regardless of what kind of skin a person has, they will be able to have their skin issue treated with the synergy laser.

Whether the problems are congenital, and have been therefore many years, or decades. Or if the problem is caused by sun damage, and has only been there for a few months or a couple of years. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says that people can get their problems treated quickly and effectively.

If there are patients out there wondering if they can get their particular issue dealt with. Or what treatment would be most effective, and how many treatments it would take.

Patients should book an appointment with their dermatologist. To discuss which treatment, and how many times they will need to be treated. In order to have the skin they have always dreamed about.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treatment For Discoloured Skin

Discoloured skin can cause lot of self-esteem problems says acne scar treatment Edmonton. And whether the problem has been caused by sun damage, or has been there since birth. The synergy laser treatment can be very effective for a wide variety of problems.

What makes the synergy laser so effective, is that it has two different lasers in the same machine. That will allow them atoll adjusts to treat a wider variety of dermatological conditions.

The first laser is called a pulsed dye laser. Which is a yellow laser, that is designed to target blood vessels.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton says that by targeting the blood vessels, it detoxed the blood vessels, which causes them to die. And as they die, they fade away from the surface of the skin.

Because the pulsed dye laser affects the surface of the skin. This is exceptionally beneficial for problems such as rosacea, spider veins, hema angiomas, Venice lakes on the lips and even cherry angiomas.

Depending on the severity of the problem, and how much area it covers. Dermatologists will be able to determine how many treatments person will need to undergo in order to have their problem minimized or completely taken care of.

For example, with the pulsed dye laser, rosacea could take anywhere between 4 to 6 treatments. Waiting for to six weeks in between treatments.

For the second laser in the synergy laser machine. This is called an and D laser, and it targets deep into the dermis layer of the skin, almost all the way into the subcutaneous fat.


This is the deepest targeting laser available. This is great for deeper issues. Such as birthmarks like port wine stains. And brown spots caused by sun damage.

This is the deepest targeting laser. And how it works, is by affecting the pigmentation with extremely high intensity vibration. That essentially vibrates the pigmentation out.

It will only vibrate the pigmentation that does not belong there. Meaning it will affect birthmarks and sun damage. But it is not going to target the pigmentation in people’s skin. Meaning all skin types and skin colours can use this, without changing their skin tone in the area of treatment.

Because these two lasers do such a wide variety of problems from surface to the dermis. There is almost no dermatological problem that cannot be fixed through this laser treatment.

How the laser treatment works according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is there will be a quick sound like a snap, when the laser hits the skin. Followed by the briefest amount of discomfort. The discomfort is caused by the heat of the laser as it touches the skin.

This can be more uncomfortable with the ND are, because it is targeting deeper into the dermis layer of the skin. Which is why term atoll adjusts are going to aim a cooling fan directly at a patient’s treatment area.

The treatment will take a very short amount of time to do. With healing time being anywhere between two days to a week and a half. And as their redness fades, so will their problem area. leaving them with clear skin than they ever have had before.

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