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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Are Vascular Lesions?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Are Vascular Lesions?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Are Vascular Lesions?

Patients who are suffering from a wide variety of vascular lesions, are pleased to know that they now have treatment options available with the synergy laser says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

This is huge news. Because many vascular lesions were not treatable before. Or they were treatable, but the treatment often left scars. And when having to choose between scars or lesions, many patients would simply leave their vascular lesions alone.

Not just vascular lesions, but patients could have a wide variety of vascular issues, such as rosacea, spider veins, cherry angiomas and broken capillaries. In addition to vascular lesions such as venous lakes on the lips, which is a benign vascular lesion. And hema angiomas, which is a benign tumor of blood vessels.

How these issues can get treated, is the way the pulsed dye laser works. This is a yellow light laser. That targets the first layer of skin, where vascular issues occur says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

This laser deoxygenate’s blood vessels, causing the body to stop sending blood to that vein. The more the body stops using that vein, and the more it starts to die off. And fade away from the surface of a patient’s skin.

Therefore, regardless of the nature of the vascular problem, whether it is a tumor, or broken capillaries. They can all be treated with the pulse dye laser in the synergy laser machine.

However, the synergy laser machine also can treat discolouration deep down into the dermis layer of skin on a patient. Which is the third layer. And is almost as deep as their subcutaneous fat.


By targeting problems from the top layer, to the third layer of skin. Dermatologists can treat an extremely wide variety of problems. Including pigmentation problems because those problems are held deep down in the dermis.

Whether it is sun damage, or a birthmark, such as a port wine stain birthmark. The ND laser, uses a beam of light in the infrared spectrum to vibrate the pigmentation, which causes it to break up, and be eliminated in the body.

The most beneficial thing about this laser, is that because it vibrates the pigmentation. The pigmentation in the body that is responsible for skin tone. Is completely unaffected. It means this machine is beneficial for all skin types and all skin colours.

While previous machines often latent or darkened skin tone, many patients would not be good candidates for the treatment. Simply because of the pigmentation in their skin. Which is why this laser is such a breakthrough.

Eliminating birthmarks, to sun damage. Can help restore patient’s confidence and self-esteem. That they may have been lacking, due to their dermatological issue.

If patients want to know if the dermatological problem that they have can be treated with the synergy laser. They should make an appointment with their dermatologist. Because consultations are free says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Their dermatologist will let them know if it is the right laser for their issues, and if so, what the right treatment is for them. And how many treatments they can expect to undergo. And if they will significantly lighten or completely eliminate their problem.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Are Vascular Lesions?

While many people make the assumption that people who have dermatological problems want to fix them for cosmetic reasons says acne scar treatment Edmonton. That might be true, but people also might want to get rid of their dermatological problems. Because of the complications they are representing.

And while many laser treatments such as acne scar treatment Edmonton. Were aimed at improving the look. Such as antiaging, scar improvement, and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

The synergy laser is geared more towards medical treatments, that are impacting patients for a wide variety of reasons.

Regardless of the reason why, whether it is cosmetic or medical. Patients can get a lot of value out of getting their problems treated with this laser.

Whether they have vascular problems that are impacting their looks such as rosacea, spider veins broken capillaries, and cherry angiomas. Or if they are more serious vascular issues. Such as vascular lesions, hema angiomas, or venous lakes on the lips.

Many patients that have angiomas, can suffer from their angiomas opening up, and causing pain and increasing their infection risk. Or their angiomas can get infected, causing them pain, and more complications says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Some angiomas affect a patient’s ability to see, hear and sometimes even speak. And with those reasons. As well as the potential complications that can occur. Makes treating vascular lesions a medical concern.


When patients are undergoing laser treatment, whether it is by using the pulsed dye laser that treats the surface of their skin. Or if they are getting treated by the ND laser, which is a laser that targets deep down into the dermis.

Both treatments will look very similar. Starting with a quick flash of light, followed by a popping sound. That is caused when the laser hits the skin. This can be slightly uncomfortable. Because the laser, which is a beam of concentrated light. Is actually quite hot.

This heat can cause discomfort. And people who are experiencing the ND laser often say it is more uncomfortable. And this would be due to the fact that it is deeper down in their skin than the pulsed dye laser.

This heat and discomfort. Is why their dermatologist will aim a cooling fan where they are getting treated. Help cool down the area, so that their skin will not feel so hot.

After treatment, they might be sore, and they might be read. But not as bad as if they had had a sunburn. The soreness will fade after two days, and the redness will fade after a week. And when it fades, they will see that their problem area is latent, or less noticeable.

It may take them to or three treatments, or could take six or more. But as long as they are following their dermatologists recommendations after treatment. And coming back as directed. Patients with a wide variety of dermatological problems. Can get those problems fixed easily, and without complications. So that they can enjoy clear skin.

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