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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox

Anytime a person gets a procedure done with their dermatologist, whether it is an acne scar treatment Edmonton or Botox injections. They should find out about the procedure in its entirety. Before making this decision.

The reason why, is because while there are a wide variety of procedures that are available. Not all of them will help create the look that people are wanting.

And so ensuring that they get the right procedure. That gives them look they want it is important. But also ensuring that they understand how the procedure works is important to.

For example, an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is a laser procedure, that affects the top two layers of their skin. And is a permanent procedure that takes a lot of time to heal from.

And while that may sound great that it is permanent. People need to ensure that they do not get too many laser treatments. Because it can actually eventually damage their skin.

And it is not always going to leave them with the final look that they want. Especially if their scars or lines are deeper.

While other people may understand that getting the acne scar treatment Edmonton is permanent. But they want to end up with more pronounced results. Which is why they may want to get Botox in addition to the laser procedure.

How Botox works, is by inhibiting the nerve cells in muscles. And since nerves communicate with the muscle in order to get it to move. By inhibiting these cells, a person’s muscles have limited motion.

And while many people think that Botox freezes the muscles. So that they cannot move any longer. This is not true at all. People can still move the muscles. So that they can still smile and laugh while looking naturally.


But the range of motion will be more shallow, so that the look of lines and wrinkles on people’s faces. Will be much more soft, and at the same time they are preventing. Those wrinkles and lines from getting deeper with the limited motion.

It is also very important to note that while Botox affects the muscles. It does not affect them permanently. And after several months, the Botox molecule will be broken down by the body.

At which case, they will have full range of motion again. And they can make the decision if they should get additional treatments.

And even if a person does not get any additional Botox treatments. For the time that they did have Botox, they were ensuring that they were not getting deeper wrinkles caused by that motion.

For this reason, Botox is used a lot for people who want to minimize those lines in their face for an event. Such as a wedding, or for getting photos taken.

And even if people want Botox on an ongoing basis. They should understand that there are absolutely no long-term side effects. For ongoing use.

Understanding how Botox works, and what it can be used to help. Is an important part of deciding whether to get this procedure or not.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox

There are many different dermatological procedures for a variety of problems, from acne scar treatment Edmonton to Botox. And depending what a person’s goal is. They might have very different procedures done.

And while lasers are used to affect the skin, such as for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Botox does not affect the skin at all. And is injected into the muscles to inhibit movement.

Therefore, if people are looking for minimizing scars, Botox is not going to be the best option for them. Because it is used for minimizing the look of lines caused by facial movement.

However, people may have gone to their dermatologist to get a laser treatment such as acne scar treatment Edmonton. And after seeing the results, which affected their skin only.

They find that they also want to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Or, they want to proactively prevent muscles from causing lines and wrinkles to form. On their newly scar free face.

Since medical doctors are using Botox more often in hospitals. In order to treat a wide variety of muscular problems. A lot of research has gone into safety of Botox.

And not only is it safe to use on a one-time basis. It has also been proven to not cause any harm for people who use it on an ongoing basis.

People who get regular Botox injections to eliminate migraines, or the pain associated with temporal mandibular job problems. And even to eliminate things like hyperhidrosis, or an overactive bladder.


They can use Botox on an ongoing basis with no problems. Which means if people are getting Botox in order for cosmetic reasons. They should be reassured that this will not cause problems as well.

It is important however that when people go to a dermatologist’s office to get Botox. That the people injecting it have the correct certification needed. So that they can do it properly.

It is a needle, so people need to know how to give needles properly. As well as know what muscles to inject Botox into. To end up with the right result.

If people inject Botox into the wrong muscle, they can end up with a look that is unintentional. For example, if the forehead is injected to lower down.

Not only will they not end up with reduced wrinkles on their forehead. But they will also cause their eyebrows to fall. Which would give them a much different look than what they intended.

While this is not a permanent problem, it will take months before it can be corrected. Which may cause a lot of anxiety and anguish to a patient.

Therefore, the dermatologist needs to ensure that a nurse, a doctor or a dermatologist does the injection. To ensure it is done correctly.

When people go to their dermatologist’s office, should have a free consultation done. To ensure that they understand what each procedure is. And what the results will be. So that they can make the right decision that will end up with the look that they are happy with.

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